Pan can be rightly called the mouth freshener of Indian origin.
It is developed to satisfy the chewing habits, especially during leisure, after mealtime or after hours of continuous work - like chewing gums in the western countries.
A good quality pan can only be formulated after hard work, and knowledge of the ingredients, perfumery and flavouring materials.
INSTANT MEETHA PAN is perfect blend of fresh paan leaves, dhanna dal and meethi saunf which provides a superb blend of finest rich ingredients of original pan which will make your moments all the more exciting and filling. It tastes similar to your regular favorite pan. It is prepared with much more perfection, care and under most hygienic environment.
You can call it your original pan in dried form fully eliminating the messy spitting and mouth coloring problems. You can safely carry in your pocket. It has a long shelf life. It is available in different sizes of packing.
The very finest fragrance and same pure ingredients, packed in an attractive packing... and taste - you will fall in love...

Exhilarating, Refreshing and perfect for all occasions.

The very best !!!

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