Aluminium : It is one of the most perfect metals on earth. It is eco-friendly, recyclable and perfect for packaging food in when rolled into foil. Nearly seven billion Aluminium foil containers are produced every year for a variety of uses.

Aluminium Foil : Foil is a very thin sheet of rolled Aluminium supplied in its pure form ('commercial purity') or in a variety of alloys and tempers which give a wide choice of tensile properties. Commercially, thickness of foil ranges from about 0.0065 mm (or 6.5 µm) although food containers are produced with higher thicknesses to provide rigidity. The upper limit of foil is 0.2 mm (or 200 µm) and material thicker than 0.2 mm is known as sheet or strip. The natural qualities of Aluminium, its impermeability and barrier properties, provide real benefits for consumers. Aluminium foil containers are used to prepare, freeze, store, transport, cook and serve a variety of foods. Containers made from Aluminium foil can be used in all types of ovens: microwave with glass a turntable, conventional, convection and broiler. Moreover, its ready recyclability makes Aluminium one of the most environment-friendly materials on earth, a key advantage for planet-conscious consumers and local governments. Recycled Aluminium saves more than 95% of the energy required to produce new, primary Aluminium.

Aluminium Foil Food Packaging: Functional Propeties
Cost-Effective Its abundance makes it an economy resource with high utility and performance.
Light Weight - Ease of Handling Strong material integrity combined with lightweight makes it a feasible and convenient packaging material.
Decorative Appearance Brilliant or matt surface makes it perfect for many occasions. Easily laminated and coated for decorative purposes. Aluminium can etched, grained or embossed.
Printable Ideal for labeling and identification of contents.
Easy Lidding Containers can be easily sealed with board or foil lids where rims can be folded over the edges of a lid to hold securely.
Flexible Highly flexible for creation of packaging of different sizes and shapes.
Durability/Temperature Resistant Temperature resistance from deep-freeze to heated oven processing
Impermeability Aluminium foil containers create an impermeable wall around their contents, promoting product freshness and increased shelf life.
Corrosion Resistant/Permanent Aluminium's natural oxide shielding, which is maintained in the presence of air, renders it substantially corrosion resistant.
Non-Toxic - Compatibility with food, drugs, and cosmetics Nontoxic; corrosion resistant to many compounds, strong solutions or mixes.
Microwaveability Foods heat more thoroughly in Aluminium than in plastic and retains more original texture and flavor. Read About Common Misconception on Microwaveability.
Heat conductivity & reflectivity Aluminium packaging reflects heat and with low conduction that enables it to maintain the contents at the required temperatures.
Non-absorptive/Grease Proof Non-absorbent and proof against grease, oil, water and other liquids.
Hygienic Sterile when heat-treated in production; smooth metallic surface sheds contaminants and moisture of sterilization.
Sterilizable Unaffected by heat and moisture of sterilization.
Tasteless, Odorless Imparts no detectable taste or odor to products.
Opacity Solid metal, transmits no light or UV radiation.
Sealability Excellent dead fold and adhesion to a wide variety of compounds.
Insignificantly magnetic Provides excellent electrical, nonmagnetic shielding.
Non-sparking The leading metallic material for applications with volatile, flammable compounds.
100% Recyclable & Reusable - Environmentally Friendly Unlike many packaging materials such as plastics, Aluminium can be easily recycled, reused and is environmentally safe. It can be compacted and re-melted or processed to separate the supporting layers and Aluminium residue for use in other applications. In addition, the energy contained in the thin foil component of a laminate can be recovered in the form of heat.
Disposability & Safety Aluminium foil containers can be disposed of safely and hygienically.
Formability Dead fold. Aluminium is very malleable and can be deformed considerably without losing its barrier integrity
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